Skull & Shackles

Slavery Not Priracy

We'll be right back with that water...

Look, the Wormwood wasn’t great, but we were starting to gather allies. Pretty soon, we’d be settled into the routine and grow our position on the ship. Well, that was my plan anyway.

Things all changed after our first act of piracy. We just had to go and capture a ship. Scourge and Plugg just had to have delusions of stealing the ship rather than selling it in Port Peril. Sour age and Plugg just had to be complete… completely unreasonable and treat me and the group I am stuck with as slaves rather than crew. I think they see that in time I would make a better captain than they could ever hope to be.

You see, standing at the wheel during the take-over of our prize, I realized that being a captain of a ship suits me. The spirits will be my advisors and the crew extensions of my hands… Well, anyway, more of that later. Let me get on with my original point.

If we weren’t attacked by some sort of water goblins during the storm, I am not sure I would have put up with the slave like conditions for much longer. Scourage and Plugg are such expert navigators that they landed us on a reef or sand bar or some such.

If Scourage and Plugg weren’t complete… completely unreasonable, I would have simply created water rather than heading off in search of fresh water. But, they are, so I didn’t.

Let’s see what I come back with, if I come back at all. Oh, perhaps they will come on shore and we can settle our issues while being true to Besmara’s code. I can’t wait.



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