Hargun Om

Handsome Half Orc Shaman


Just over 6 feet tall and built like a runner, Hargun is a handsome Half-orc. His skin is brown, rather than green, and he has four small tusks rather than two large; a rather odd mutation.

Hargun’s dark red hair naturally forms small, tight locks when kept clean and groomed. Larger dreadlocks form when not groomed.

Light pigmented scarification and tattoos cover quite a bit of Hargun’s body. Those with shamanic knowledge would recognize the patterns at sacred tattoos.

Hargun wears hide armor and carries a longsword. The one thing missing is a shamanic staff with fetishes. Perhaps, instead, Hargun will decorate a whip with fetishes and turn it into his staff.


Hargun was an orphan picked up off the streets by an Orc Shaman. She saw the Orcish blood in the boy as a way to manipulate him. He was given the name Hargun Om, by his Master. The only name given to him that he could remember. The other names he was called were all vulgar.

Hargun was living a better life than he was on the streets. He was learning some magic and wasn’t too badly mistreated. The worst was when she experimented on him with her hexes. For fun she would scarify and tattoo his body. Giving her a better way of controlling him.

Hargun’s Master was a Hag in all definitions of the term. When she crossed the assassins who controlled the island, they set out to kill her. Hargun had already taken a spirit familiar and Nhut warned him of the approaching assassins. He grabbed what he could carry and ran. Knowing if he stayed he would be killed. if he ran the assassins would not follow him since their issue was with his Master and not him.

Hargun is not used to being around people, but he is finding that he enjoys it. For the first time he is making decisions for himself and finding he likes it. The world will be his oyster and he will, eat, drink and plunder it as he sees fit. At least if his conscience doesn’t get the best of him.

Hargun Om

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