Skull & Shackles

Hot Off the Press (Gang)

Yo Ho Yo Ho, a Pirate's Life For Me

Ah, the rum was good. Not too watered down, and no poison I could taste. With no one waiting for me and no one looking for me, I wasn’t in a hurry to go anywhere. Yet, there I was racing toward the seas (metaphorically anyway). The music was okay. The company wasn’t too bad. Best of all, the rum was free. Well, not really, but it seemed like it at the time.

As the rum overpowered me, in a single moment of clarity, I realized the gravity of the situation. I knew the rum came with a cost. I knew then that I had just chosen a career. Well, that solved my dilemma of what to do next. I knew it was the pirate’s life for me. Or, was that just the lyric that was playing as I passed out. Either way, it was the truth.

Master Scourge and Mr. Plug somehow decided that the strangers around me were my friends. My fate became tied to theirs. I first thought Clive was mute, but later I realized he just is stubborn. Perhaps we can channel that stubbornness one of these days. Wyk, the Goblin, is, well, a Goblin. My Master had some Goblin visitors once. They prepared one of their own for dinner on the first night. I was glad to not be invited to that meal. I need to keep Wyk close to me. He can be a clever tool, and he makes me laugh. The arcane Mira is a bit of a mystery. She is uses a sword and arcane magics. She is smart, but a bit brash. She won one of the most dangerous and difficult jobs as a rigger. She must love danger. My Master beat that tendency out of me long ago. Perhaps she had a nicer teacher than I did.

I “lucked out” and am the cook’s aid. Cooking for 50 people is time consuming, but manageable. Some days I finish early and can go and try to get to know the crew. Some will never give me the time of day, but others have “warmed up” nicely.

I hope the crew sees our deeds and appreciates our contributions. Slaying six dire rats is nothing to “shake a stick at”. Even the Captain has recognized that the 4 of us have value. How could he not after we dispatched 2 reefclaws. I am hoping to get ahold of the poison sacs for later use. Perhaps Fish-Guts will help me salvage them.

The time is not to be bold. Not yet. But, one of these days soon, I can feel it, we will rise in position on this ship. The alternative is to die and I won’t do that without a fight.



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