Skull & Shackles

Fresh sea air

Mira Roberts

She knew better than to drink the night away. Really. Intellectually, she knew what that much alcohol did to the body, knew what happened in these islands to the fools who forgot. Fools like her, apparently. As she sat repairing the ropes after their adventure with the rats, her eyes strayed over the vast sea stretched out as far as the eye could see. Honestly, she didn’t feel that badly about the way things had turned out. This way, she didn’t have to bargain for passage and a position on another ship. The only problem now was a lack of control over their destination, but she knew how to bide her time… Well, sort of. She knew she would have to bide her time a little longer, do what was asked of her without question for awhile longer. But not much longer. Even she could feel the undercurrents on the ship, the discontent. If the people she’d met so far could take advantage of the situation, she would be able to strengthen their position. So long as no one asked her to judge the right moment, anyway.

((Short, I know, but better than nothing.))



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